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The Gmaxx saw blade features...

…an advance in coating materials

Many months of research and development into the effectiveness of coated saw blades have resulted in a new type of coating that offers maximum life and performance in the Gmaxx series of saw blades.

Using an electrostatic process when coating the saw blade, a thinner but stronger coating is applied with a uniform thickness on the blade. The coating will protect the body from rust and resin build up that will result in a longer life for the blade. The Gmaxx coating protects key properties of the saw body ensuring optimum performance of the saw blade over a longer period of time. The coating will also reduce friction resulting in less power used by the saw motor. If used properly, the coating will last the life-time of the blade.

Other features of the Gmaxx blade include:

• Proprietary grinding process which results in precision balanced blade bodies.

• No sensitivity to solvent cleaners, simply clean with water or detergent.

• Earth-friendly coating contains no harmful chemicals.

• High number of re-sharps.

• Noise reduction expansion slots.

• Digitally applied tension rings.

• High specification carbide teeth.